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What We Do

We help you  answer distressing questions about your retirement to reduce fear and uncertainty. Retirement often lasts 20-30 years. Why not spend that time creating your legacy, enjoying the freedom you never had before, and pursuing passions to enrich your life?

Through coaching with Change Engine, you can!  We bring the tools, training and resources. You bring your creativity, history and imagination to put together a Retirement Blueprint.

Re-energize your retirement and get excited about the future and your role in it!

We offer coaching for individuals, couples, and groups as well as hold retirement workshops.

Solo Coaching

Solo coaching focuses on your hopes and dreams.
Stepping out of the hub bub of life and contemplating what
you really want is what coaching is all about.

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Couple Coaching

Many couples find they have entirely different
ideas about retirement life. Those differences can cause
strain in a marriage

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Group Coaching

In a group setting of 10-12 people, we explore
questions designed to bring focus to what can be a
very blurry retirement picture.

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Retirement Workshops

Full of humor and group exercises,
these two-hour interactive workshops are laser focused
on how to make retirement the BEST time of your life!

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Public Speaking

Fast paced, lively presentations on the non-financial aspects of retirement are offered for groups of 8 to 100 people.

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Are You Ready to Take Control?

You’ve thought about retirement, maybe even dreamt about it. Now that it’s near, what’s next? Imagine your life without a natural rhythm. If you’re working professionally or tending your home, retirement can throw you (and your spouse) into chaos. Avoid the turmoil and contact us.