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Solo Coaching

Solo coaching focuses on your hopes and dreams.  Stepping out of the hub bub of life and contemplating what you really want is what coaching is all about.  So many of us believe we will figure it out when we get there when in fact that may be very difficult especially if we try to do it alone. If disappointment or confusion sets in, clear, creative thinking can be stifled.   We can get overwhelmed by fear or the number of choices we face.  The coaching process at Change Engine will systematically guide you to rediscover your passions and reignite your energy. It’s a process like none you have experienced.  In the end, you will have built a personal Retirement Blueprint.


One-to-One Coaching on the phone or in person
for one hour per week with 1-3 exercises between sessions 

Three hour package – $300

Eight hour package – $720

Supplement Sessions:  3 hour package – $250

Call 419-360-5584 or contact us today for a complimentary
half hour coaching session to see how retirement can be the best time of your life. 

Are You Ready to Take Control?

You’ve thought about retirement, maybe even dreamt about it. Now that it’s near, what’s next? Imagine your life without a natural rhythm. If you’re working professionally or tending your home, retirement can throw you (and your spouse) into chaos. Avoid the turmoil and contact us.