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Rethink Retirement

Rethink Retirement

When we plan for retirement, we think about the finances we’ll need for the years ahead. We consider housing and healthcare. We even think about our estate.

But we often forget the most important part of retirement: the time.

The sad news is that both alcoholism and divorce are on the rise for retirees. Rethink retirement inspires you to think about the other side of retirement…the years of living ahead of you!

Don’t retire. Revitalize.

Suddenly you have time on your hands and no one to tell you how to use it. So, you must make that plan yourself. Without a plan in place, there are no guarantees that the vague ideas in your head will come to fruition.

You’re retirement planning isn’t complete until you have a clear idea of how to keep your Golden Years from becoming tarnished with unfulfilled expectations. And like everything else in life, that requires a plan. Powerful questions, insight inspiring exercises and the freedom to imagine your next life can propel you to design a way forward that excites and energizes you.

Get your hands around your time — instead of having time on your hands.

Did you know…?

10,000 people are retiring in the U.S. every day.
Most retirees will live another 15-25 years.
One in five will live to the age of 90.
One in 10 people will live to the age of 95 or beyond.
At any one time, 75% of families are involved in care of relatives.
On average, retirees are watching more than 40 hours a week of television
Divorce and suicide rates are rising in the 60+ population
Change Engine helps you change your retirement…before retirement changes you.

Do these questions make you uneasy?

  • Who will your friends be if you are no longer working?
  • How much time will you spend with your spouse? What if you don’t agree on that?
  • Can you be satisfied with a life of only recreation? If not, what else will you do?
  • How will you stay healthy?
  • How will your life change when your grandchildren grow up?
  • What will inspire you to get up in the morning when you no longer work?

Our retirement workshops and coaching are designed to reveal the array of possibilities for a fulfilling life for those thinking about or entering retirement.

Are You Ready for Retirement?

Are You Ready to Take Control?

You’ve thought about retirement, maybe even dreamt about it. Now that it’s near, what’s next? Imagine your life without a natural rhythm. If you’re working professionally or tending your home, retirement can throw you (and your spouse) into chaos. Avoid the turmoil and contact us.