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Group Coaching

In a group setting of 10-12 people, we explore questions designed to bring focus to what can be a very blurry retirement picture.  In six sessions of 90 minutes each, you have time and space to step back and plan the next 10, 20 or even 30 years of your life.

The group follows a well-designed path with group and individual exercises, group conversations and time to reconnect with who you were years ago. This once in a lifetime experience is designed to propel you into the best stage of your life.

With the insight and support of group members you not only get help creating your own Retirement Blueprint but you assist others as they draw theirs.  The synergy of the group produces the energy and inspiration for great results.


Group Participation

$300 for an individual

$500 for a couple.

Call or contact us today to join a group
or create one yourself and we will act as facilitator. 

Are You Ready to Take Control?

You’ve thought about retirement, maybe even dreamt about it. Now that it’s near, what’s next? Imagine your life without a natural rhythm. If you’re working professionally or tending your home, retirement can throw you (and your spouse) into chaos. Avoid the turmoil and contact us.