Staying Sharp in #Retirement—advice from a practitioner

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Brain health fascinates us. Whenever my reading uncovers new research or real-time practices that are working, you’ll read about them here. My theory is that it’s never too early to work on that muscle.  Without it, the rest doesn’t much matter. When I ran across an interview with a 99-year-old preeminent neuroscientist who has spent [...]

Five Reasons You Should Start a Business in #Retirement

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Starting a business in retirement is a hot topic these days. I’m all for it.  It’s easy for me to list the reasons to do it because I started my retirement coaching business “in retirement.” I love business. Mental stimulation is critical to a vibrant life, and business provides all that and much more. Last [...]

Getting into the Swing of Life in #Retirement

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Remember as a kid watching the trapeze artists at the circus fly from swing to swing? We probably never imagined that one day we would be doing the same thing.  It’s how I describe life transition in my workshops. So what do trapeze artists and life transitions have in common? More than you think. Life [...]

Five reasons you don’t want to start a business when you retire

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Are you energized thinking about making money in retirement by doing something you love? Does the thought of starting a business dance through your head as you look toward retirement?  Would being your own boss fulfill a lifelong dream? If you said “yes” to any of those questions, please keep reading. As a tenured business [...]

Life at any age is about living

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Most of my friends are younger than me. It’s not by design, but I’m grateful. They’re working full time, some with children at home. It adds an interesting dynamic to our friendship. Soccer games get in the way of a lot of weekend options. Babysitters are still a priority for making plans with them. It [...]

From the case files: Speak up to save your relationship in #retirement

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“I don’t make lists and please don’t ask me again,” Susan said. It was the second day of her husband’s retirement, and they were starting new routines including eating breakfast together. Poised with his pad and pen, Susan’s husband was putting the finishing touches on his list for the day. It was a habit born [...]

Making Housework Work in #Retirement

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Can you believe that sharing household duties is third after faithfulness and good sex in making a happy marriage? REALLY? Really. Pew Research reported that fact in a poll done in 2007. Of course, that was 10 years ago, but a casual poll of acquaintances confirms it. Disagreements about domestic duties is high on the [...]

#Retirement Life Lesson from #DavidLetterman

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David Letterman offers advice for retirees. What a lesson from David Letterman -- even rich and famous people have to make adjustments in retirement. David is returning to TV after a short hiatus proving that there’s no guaranty we’ll hit a home run to retirement on our first time at bat. “Here's what [...]