//Retirement Tip: Dr. Seuss your year

Retirement Tip: Dr. Seuss your year

January often feels like a new pair of shoes. Oh, the places we’ll go.

A few years ago, I started using an annual planner to map out the milestones for the year—vacations, parties I’ll host, seminars, classes—those sorts of things.  It gives me focus and even can be a pick-me-up on a blue day. Looking forward to what’s ahead can give us a shot of adrenaline.

Notice I didn’t say I log the semi-annual visits to the dentist or the annual check up with my doctor including that pesky cholesterol test.  No, the calendar entries are all about forward fun.

You may be skeptical so I’ve made a list of reasons to plot the fun in our years.

  1. It dramatically increases the chances we’ll have it.

I have started hosting more parties since the advent of the calendar because, well, they’re on there.

  1. We can look forward to the events and get enjoyment before they ever arrive.

I sometimes do this on cold, dreary days. It’s free.

  1. It can get us to focus on what’s important.

I added the New Year’s Day party this year for people I couldn’t host during Christmas.

  1. It can prompt us to prepare earlier and reduce the stress of our extracurricular activities.

Having these events staring back at me gives advance notice for scheduling carpet cleaning, when to reserve the dog kennel, etc.

Plotting milestones a year at a time may not be for everyone.  It can seem rigid or unnecessary. It’s worked for me.  You may want to try it.

As our friend Dr. Seuss says, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

I’m steering with my calendar. This time, I’m going for a three-year calendar.

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