//Retirement: Volunteering on the move

Retirement: Volunteering on the move

Since my blog a few weeks ago, I have been inspired to uncover to volunteer opportunities that allow us to learn while we work.  In other words, how can we give our time in ways that return more than a routine volunteer experience?

One way is through voluntourism, which the dictionary defines as, “tourism in which travelers do voluntary work to help communities or the environment in the places they are visiting.”

If there’s one thing #retirement offers to your type of volunteering, it’s flexibility. Perhaps combining travel plans with helping others is just what you’re looking for.

Here’s an article from author Joanne Fritz published in an online publication called, “The Balance.” I found it intriguing and trust you will too.

Voluntourism Growing Rapidly

Voluntourism encompasses vacation travel that has some component of volunteer work.

An example is the service learning programs by Road Scholar. One sends participants to visit a Native American community in the Southwest. While there, they provide free tutoring to the students in an elementary school.

The travelers receive education about the area, its history, and its people. In off hours, they might go on field trips, visit a museum, and hear lectures. Usually, travelers in such programs can deduct some of the expenses of the trip as a charitable deduction on their tax returns.

Read the whole article! It offers ways you can combine travel and tourism for a trip that let’s you see the world while trying to make it better.

An option I’ll suggest is The Fuller Center www.fullercenter.org.  Their goal is to provide adequate shelter for all people in need worldwide.

It appears that the options for volunteering are endless. More on this topic later as my exploration for out-of-the-box opportunities continues.

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