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BE INSPIRED to make retirement the best time of your life.

Take a moment to rethink retirement.

Many of us believe the myth that life will just fall into place once we retire. Often a honeymoon period after retirement is followed by a sense of uneasiness about the rest of our lives. What will we do with our time? How will we be fulfilled? What’s our purpose?

But you can have your dream — with a little coaching.

It’s okay not to know how you want to spend your time. We’re here to help you solve that riddle. In coaching, you will discuss essential retirement life issues, complete insight-inspiring exercises and get the freedom to imagine your life in the years ahead.  In the end, you will design a Retirement Blueprint that excites and energizes you.

This isn’t typical retirement planning. This is retirement life coaching. You can start using your Retirement Blueprint anytime, before or during retirement to get more life our of your retirement years!

Who We Are

Serious coach training and real life experience make Change Engine unique. We bring years of practice coaching people thru successful transitions all the while adding skills and tools to give you an unmatched, once in a lifetime experience.

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What We Do

We support you in creating the retirement life you really want so you spend time on what’s meaningful and fulfilling. It’s easy to drift without direction in retirement and end up disappointed. With coaching, that won’t happen.

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Donna Martin
Professional Coach and owner of Change Engine LLC

What People Are Saying

I recently asked Donna to speak to my client advisory board about the non-financial issues of retirement. She did a wonderful job! Her talk was engaging and salient. She was a pleasure to work with — very prepared, personable and effective. I would not hesitate in any way to work with her again and highly recommend Donna as a professional speaker and retirement coach.
—James Elios, Elios Financial, Westlake, Ohio

Rethinking Retirement!

Don’t retire. Revitalize.

When we plan for retirement, we think about the finances we’ll need for the years ahead. We consider housing and healthcare. We even think about our estate.

But we often forget the most important part of retirement: how we’re going to spend our time.

The sad news is that both alcoholism and divorce are on the rise for retirees. Rethink retirement teaches you to think about the other side of retirement: enjoying the living!

Are You Ready to Take Control?

Perhaps you’ve already planned your finances for retirement — but that’s only half of the planning. Have you thought about what you’ll do with all of that free time? Free time can feel like a prison if it turns into empty hours to fill.  Dig deeply to explore and answer your most important questions about life in retirement:

  • Who will your friends be when you are no longer working?
  • Where will you find purpose and meaning?
  • How will you handle changing relationships with family and friends?
  • How much time will you spend with your spouse? What if you don’t agree on that?
  • How will you stay healthy?

Taking control starts here. Taking control starts with Change Engine.